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No automatic update?

App tells me I need the updated version but open App Store and it doesn’t show that it’s able to update. Uninstall old version and download new version???

Not working again

Have redone login several times, and yet says I have no account. Tried again today and will let me through first two screens, then only loads a blank page. Aarrruuugghhh!

Even better

I signed in to the new desktop banking and then did the update here. Working great. Really nice look, not a ton of changes to how I was using the app, which is good. I mostly transfer money, check my accounts and deposit checks on occasion. I don't have to go to a branch! I love it!

Update ruined this app

Can't login at all and check my account. Says I don't have an account.

Another Update Glitch

Updated the app and am no longer able to login to my account. This happened the last time this app updated. I haven't changed any of my login info and know that I am using the correct information. The app aside from the update glitches is a fairly standard banking app and is far better now that it has a mobile check deposit feature.

Bad app

I got this so I can deposit checks but every time I try to deposit a check it says the amount is wrong. No matter how many times I type in the right amount it still says it's wrong.

Crash fest

The app doesn't even open, with the iOS 9 update 😐


No longer works on my iPhone 5s ever since they updated it. Can't check my balances or nothing won't even open.

Needs a fix

Doesn't work for me on my iPad since iOS 9 update. Crashes upon opening. Hope someone is paying attention. Works fine on iPhone.

Doesn't work

App no longer works. Crashes upon opening.

Crashes with iOS 9 Update

I love the app, but ever since I updated my phone to iOS 9 I can't get it to open.

Please update

Just got an iphone 6 plus and it wont let me sign in, says i have an outstanding pin or something. I can sign in through the website just fine

Soo handy.

I love online banking and the fact that they made it an app really helps with doing transactions on the go!

App won't work

When is this going to be updated to widget credit union?

One star away from perfect!

I'll say this is the best banking app I found.... because it's for my credit union. I would gladly add another star if it also showed the holds for my checking account.

Almost perfect

Thought this was going to be my most convenient app ever, being as how I check my account daily. My only beef is you can't look at the "holds" on your account like you can on the website. I do this often as I am constantly balancing my checkbook. So while I still have to use the website regularly, it is super convenient for everything else.

Great app

Love the new EGEFCU app. Makes it so easy to bank!


Love it. Great app!

Easy to use!

Very helpful, convenient and info filled app!


They don't lie when they say it's banking at the speed of life! Way to go General Electric FCU

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